Finishing Off

I decided to close the spiral so worked the border weave back up along the stakes until the weavers were expended; this has given this last piece more form.


I’ve been reminded of where my inspiration for these pieces lies, by a recent visit to the Andy & Peter Holden Natural Selection exhibition at Leeds City Gallery; encased in a display cabinet are some exquisite examples of weaver bird nests, some of whom build cylindrical entrance tunnels below the nest to provide protection from snakes.




Research suggests that ‘the first African woven baskets and textiles were directly influenced by watching weaver birds at work’ (Holden, 2018). There is a vast array of weaver nests, boasting all manner of sizes and variations on shape inspiring similar diversification in my work.

One Reply to “Finishing Off”

  1. Catherine says:

    Lovely…i will also visit the museum.
    Very interesting.


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