Wiry Basics – Stake & strand

This week I started a simple stake and strand basket using brown electrical cable (obtained from recent cable disassemblage; see post ) as weft and reclaimed galvanised 0.5mm diameter x 30mm steel wire rods as stakes. The hardest and possibly the most important part is the beginning, establishing a stable

The Adventure begins…twining

Scrap is an Aladdin’s Cave for any maker so I have had to set some parameters with regards to choice of materials, deciding to focus on electrical and other types of cable. The dissection of some yellow electrical cable revealed 5 different materials , the yellow outer fabric, white plastic

Artist Residency at SCRAP

In a nutshell – I am currently in the first year of study for an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University and considering the following: if and how can crafts, primarily basketry, in the context of visual art, forge a link between arts and the conservation of nature;

The Preamble

“Artists make their own statements about their relationship with nature” (Maybe, R. 1984).  Living on the outskirts of Derry, a mile or less from a border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, and during the thick of the troubles, I remember clearing the barbed wire fences with my siblings into

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